Sell or consign decorative items

candlesticks antique

Decorative Items Art glass, mantle clocks, sculptures, candelabras, mirrors, urns, art, books, music boxes, vases. Many people will remember grandma’s antique clock that sat on her mantle above the fireplace in the living room. It was never moved over all the years. It may have even been gilded with gold.  She may have had a […]

Cocktail rings wanted for upcoming auction


It’s Cocktail Hour In terms of gift giving, when the velvet ring box won’t shut tight, I know I’m gonna love what is inside.  When it comes to jewels, bigger is better, hence the ‘cocktail ring’. A cocktail ring is a ring that is larger than usual, meant to attract attention, and typically made of […]

Beautiful crystal for sale, auction, or consignment


SELLERS MAY BE IN THE DRIVER SEAT Reselling Designer Crystal New England Estate Sales and Auction Company is more than just a typical ‘estate sale’ firm. They also do consignment, auctions, private sales, auctions, public sales, and of course, estate sales. Often when a client has a special collectible or collection of fine art, fine […]



LVHM Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Who and what exactly is LVHM? Not a lot of people know and don’t have the time to ‘Google it’ and read up. LVHM stands for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. It’s a huge luxury goods conglomerate headquartered in Paris. It all started in 1987 when Louis Vuitton merged with Moet […]

Steuben for consignment or private sale

crystal frog

STEUBEN GLASS Steuben is an iconic American glass manufacturer. Although the firm has gone through changes in ownership it still produces art glass today. Steuben has a rich history of having their pieces displayed in some of the most high profile settings. For example, The glass slipper in the Cinderella Castle Suite at Disney World was made by […]

Collectible Grade Pottery

Collectible Pottery New England Estate Sales and Auction Company manages the sale of all types of important pottery. Whether it’s from the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, 20th century, or 19th century, we can valuate, research if needed, and sell your important pottery via public sale, private sale, consignment, or auction. As we have […]

Eames era furnishing


Eames The term “Eames” has come to represent furnishings or accessories in a certain time period. Proof of this can be found by simply doing an ebay search for “Eames” and see what you get. You get everything from art, to accessories, to furniture and collectibles. It is commonly known that the term “Eames” simply […]

Industrial Furnishings


PEOPLE LOVE Industrial Furnishings Industrial furnishings are highly desirable and rightly so. Put your feet up, don’t bother with coasters, and don’t worry about scratches and wear & tear.  Industrial furniture always brings a lot of excitement to our New England and New York estate sales and are clients know all about it better than […]

Georgio Armani

fur jacket

Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani was born in northern Italy in the town of Piacenza.  He had a brother and a sister and his father was an accountant. Armani was headed towards a career in medicine, and even enrolled in the Department of Medicine at the University of Milan. After three years however, in 1953, he […]

Edward Wormley Furnishings


We Recognize High Value Furnishings Edward Wormley, Knoll, Harvey Probber,  Hans Wegner, and alike are designer furnishings we are familiar with.  Often times people don’t realize the treasures in their home. A chair they got from a family member could be discovered to be worth thousands of dollars so when selecting an estate firm for […]