Roberto Coin Jewelry

Roberto Coin The Roberto Coin brand was established in 1996. Coin’s initial career was as a hotelier but he left the industry to pursue his love of fashion and art which brought him to designing jewelry. Today Roberto Coin is one of the most renowned Italian jewelry artisans who’s goal is to tell a story […]

Cartier Tank Watch

Cartier tank watch

The Cartier Tank Watch The first Tank watch was invented by Louis Cartier in 1917. Believe it or not, it’s rectangle shape was inspired by a tank used during World War I!  Over the years Cartier has made all types of variations of their tank watch and just about all other luxury watch companies have […]

David Yurman jewels wanted


David Yurman Jewelry While shopping in New York the other day I was stopped in my tracks with the jewelry displayed in the David Yurman windows.  I always thought of casual jewelry made of sterling silver, semi precious stones, and small amounts of white gold when I thought of David Yurman but that is not […]

Boucheron Jewels


Boucheron Fine Jewelry Fun facts about Boucheron:  In 1983 the location for Boucheron’s first store in Paris was selected because it was the sunniest corner location. Boucheron believed that his diamonds would sparkle even greater with the bright sun, and he was surely correct!  Lol.   Boucheron was always a family owned business until Gucci acquired […]

Piaget watches

Piaget watch

Piaget Recognized by many, worn by a happy few. I remember the first two times I saw a Piaget watch. The first time was on the cover of Town & Country magazine back in the 1980’s. It was a women’s watch covered in marquise Rubys and round diamonds wrapped around a Christmas ornament. I may […]

Estate Jewelry

vintage ring

Estate Jewelry Rings, broaches, bracelets, necklaces.  Art Deco, Estate, Antique Are Deco jewelry, Estate jewelry, or antique jewelry are all terms used to describe jewelry.  Estate Jewelry however is typically used to refered to jewelry and  timepieces that were part of an ‘estate‘ of a deceased person.  What makes estate jewelry so alluring? Many reasons. […]

Reselling diamonds


Things you need to know about diamonds for resale. All men are created equal but not true with diamonds.  Only 1% of mined diamonds meet the standards for use in jewelry, but sometimes even quality diamonds can be enhanced to make them sparkle as much as possible. Diamonds can receive both permanent and non permanent […]