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Rings, broaches, bracelets, necklaces. 

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Art Deco, Estate, Antique

Are Deco jewelry, Estate jewelry, or antique jewelry are all terms used to describe jewelry.  Estate Jewelry however is typically used to refered to jewelry and  timepieces that were part of an ‘estate‘ of a deceased person. 

What makes estate jewelry so alluring? Many reasons. Often they are custom made pieces whereas today so much is mass produced. Diamonds were cut differently in the past (they were less shallow so they appear bigger), and often Emeralds, Ruby’s, and Sapphires were used (as today they are so scarce).  The designers of days gone by are also another factor.

Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubys.

Anyone who has priced emeralds, sapphires, or rubies knows that current market value is off the charts. A good qualify 1/4 carat emerald can easily be priced at $1000.00 and sapphires are extremely difficult to find for sizes above 4 carats. A good color, clear Sapphire in the 6 carat range can be priced in the $30,000 range. If your wanting earrings made, then you need two!

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Average to large size ruby’s are just about impossible to find.  Almost every ruby you see now is partially ‘filled’.  Any ruby you might find that is not filled, will likely have a LOT of inclusions, and poor color.  A ruby with good color and clarity is likely in a museum someplace or in the ownership of Harry Winston, Fred, or royalty. The only chance if getting a large ruby would be getting a ruby cabochon (cut).  If it has a ‘star’ on it, then it is known as a ‘Star Ruby’. Cabochon cuts whether it be emerald, sapphires or rubies, can be obtained at a much lower cost because cabochons do not have to be cut from high quality material which is the case with faceted stones. 

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