Asian Art can be extremely valuable


New England Estate Sales and Auction Company manages the sale, (public or private) and auction of all types of Asian Art.  Whether it be sculptures and carvings, paintings, screens, ceramics, furniture, wall decorations, rugs, or other objects, we have collectors, investors, and individuals always interested in opportunities.   Artists that we have a history with include, […]

Tiffany Lamps and values

Tiffany lamp

Tiffany Lamps Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany started the Tiffany Lamp company rather than joining the family’s famous jewelry business. Louis then became on of the most significant artists during the period of Art Nouveau. Louis opened “Tiffany Studios”, and his early, most famous jobs included the Lyceum […]

Consigning Jen Risom furniture

Is it possible to marry a sofa? If so, “I do”. If you live in the New York, Connecticut area and have any Jen Risom furniture for sale, we want to speak to you. We have buyers chomping on the bit for vintage Jen Risom furnishings. For those who are not familiar Jens Risom was […]

Milo Baughan furnishings for sale or consignment


Milo Baughman furnishings for sale, auction, or consigment New England Estate Sales and Auction Company consigns, auctions, and offers all types of vintage furnishings, art, and jewelry for both private and public sale.  One of the most desired vintage brands that always creates big buzz are pieces by Milo Baughman. Whether they are original or […]

Seeking Folk Art for upcoming auction

folk art

Folk Art What exactly is folk art? Oddly there is no real definition of ‘folk art’. Some consider folk art to be art produced from an native culture, peasants, or other tradespeople. As opposed to fine art, folk art is primarily decorative and made for utility. Typically examples are: vintage or antique store signs, figurines, pottery, […]

Collectible Grade Pottery

Collectible Pottery New England Estate Sales and Auction Company manages the sale of all types of important pottery. Whether it’s from the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, 20th century, or 19th century, we can valuate, research if needed, and sell your important pottery via public sale, private sale, consignment, or auction. As we have […]

Eames era furnishing


Eames The term “Eames” has come to represent furnishings or accessories in a certain time period. Proof of this can be found by simply doing an ebay search for “Eames” and see what you get. You get everything from art, to accessories, to furniture and collectibles. It is commonly known that the term “Eames” simply […]

Industrial Furnishings


PEOPLE LOVE Industrial Furnishings Industrial furnishings are highly desirable and rightly so. Put your feet up, don’t bother with coasters, and don’t worry about scratches and wear & tear.  Industrial furniture always brings a lot of excitement to our New England and New York estate sales and are clients know all about it better than […]

Georgio Armani

fur jacket

Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani was born in northern Italy in the town of Piacenza.  He had a brother and a sister and his father was an accountant. Armani was headed towards a career in medicine, and even enrolled in the Department of Medicine at the University of Milan. After three years however, in 1953, he […]

Edward Wormley Furnishings


We Recognize High Value Furnishings Edward Wormley, Knoll, Harvey Probber,  Hans Wegner, and alike are designer furnishings we are familiar with.  Often times people don’t realize the treasures in their home. A chair they got from a family member could be discovered to be worth thousands of dollars so when selecting an estate firm for […]