Baseball Card Collections and Values

baseball cards

The hobby of collecting Baseball cards has turned into a valued commodity.  Young baseball card collectors have grown up to realize their treasured items have become part of a community that has influenced baseball card collecting to this day. Baseball cards were first sold in the 1880s. They were packaged in cigarettes as part of […]

Beautiful Brooches


You don’t have to be Queen Elizabeth to wear and love broaches. I remember my grandmother always having a brooch on her coat, dress, sweater, or jacket, not only when she left the house, but around the house! She also wore false eye lashes into her 90’s, and I never saw her without lipstick, so […]



VERSACE There are a handful of people who are known by just one word worldwide, (Cher, Madonna, Oprah) and Gianni Versace is one of them.  Giannia has been known as ‘Versace’ during his time as a designer and still after his tragic passing. The corporation ‘Versace’ was and still is an Italian luxury fashion company […]

Time to Recycle Your Rolex?

Gold Rolex

Is it time to consign your Rolex? There are 800,000 Rolex watches made each year. No wonder there is such a large market for resale. Often, we find that when someone is wanting to resell their Rolex, it’s because they want to step up and buy another more expensive model. There are also of course […]

Huge Movie Poster (Lithograph) Auction


HUGE Movie Poster Auction If you have an appreciation of movies, movie posters, fine art, lithographs, or Hollywood, you won’t want to miss our upcoming auction of over 300 lithographs. Not only are they investment grade, they are fun for a pop of nostalgia in any home.  These prints made the old fashioned way since […]

Big Sports and Hollywood Memorabilia Auction

celebrity memorabilia

Sports & Hollywood Memorabilia Al Capone, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Derek Jeter, Micky Mantle, Yogi Berra, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, and more.  These are just a few of the exciting personalities represented in the Sports and Hollywood memorabilia auction on Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The auction will include hundreds of […]

Vases and vessels


New Englad Estate Sales & Auctions We have buyers for everything Book an appointment for a free consultation Vases, Vessels, and Values Researching values before selling is crucial….or just hire someone who knows. Vases Jars, Cachepots and Jardinières Urns When it comes to offering high value decorative collectibles for sale you must get the price […]

Escada collectors


Recent clients closet looked like an Escada boutique. Other than in an Escada boutique, I have never seen so many Escada pieces. The good news is that the pieces were all from the 1990’s when Escada was made in Germany under the ownership of Margaretha Ley. It was at this time that the quality was […]

How to spot fake Louis Vuitton items


How to Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Some tips to tell the difference between authentic vs counterfeit. Counterfeit designer items are a $461 billions dollar industry. Many counterfeit items are purchased with the buyer well aware they are getting a copy-cat, but there are transactions where fake products are being passed off as authentic.  Knowing a few things […]

Patek Philippe Watches Wanted

Patek Philippe watch

Call Guinness, there’s another one for the record books. The same week as the Dow Jones sets yet another record this year, Patek Philippe sets their own record of $31 million at auction of one of their men’s watches and no jewels in sight. One of my favorite watch companies, Patek Philippe has done it […]