Sports Memorabilia


Sports memorabilia is BIG at our New England estate sales. Signed footballs, rings, art, autographs, and more. Our New England estate sales are a great place to find sports memorabilia of all types. Football, baseball, basketball, golf and all types of sports and famous athletes have been represented. Autographed photos, autographed balls and T-shirts, baseball cards, […]

Political Memorabilia

presidential memorabilia

Political Memorabilia Political memorabilia has always been of interest to collectors, investors, and individuals of all political affiliations and ages. From George Washington to Donald Trump, there’s a wide variety of collectibles and memorability to chose from. To the professionals, the collection of Presidential Memorabilia is to preserve the important moments in time in respect […]

Asian Art can be extremely valuable


New England Estate Sales and Auction Company manages the sale, (public or private) and auction of all types of Asian Art.  Whether it be sculptures and carvings, paintings, screens, ceramics, furniture, wall decorations, rugs, or other objects, we have collectors, investors, and individuals always interested in opportunities.   Artists that we have a history with include, […]

Tiffany Lamps and values

Tiffany lamp

Tiffany Lamps Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany started the Tiffany Lamp company rather than joining the family’s famous jewelry business. Louis then became on of the most significant artists during the period of Art Nouveau. Louis opened “Tiffany Studios”, and his early, most famous jobs included the Lyceum […]

Stirrups and western collectibles

Saddles, stirrups, guns and other western collectibles. For over 30 years New England Estate Sales and Auction Company has worked with thousands of clients including private collectors, museums, investors, celebrities, as well as individuals wanting to buy or sell Western Americana items.  There is no collection too large or too small that we can’t manage. […]

KPM Limoges


KPM Limoges For sale, consignment, or auction Many people use the term “Limoges” as though it is a brand name but of course collectors know that Limoges is a city in France.  It was this location where kaolin clay was first discovered which changed the course of the region Limoges china is known for it’s […]

Andreoli Diamond Jewelry


Andreoli Fine Jewelry New England Estate Sales and Auction Company buys, sells, consigns, auctions, and loans on Andreoli and other brand name fine jewelry. Andreoli fine jewelry always brings excitement to auctions as it is so well known internationally. It’s reputation as being one of the choice jewelers at Neiman Marcus certain gives it a […]

Consigning Jen Risom furniture

Is it possible to marry a sofa? If so, “I do”. If you live in the New York, Connecticut area and have any Jen Risom furniture for sale, we want to speak to you. We have buyers chomping on the bit for vintage Jen Risom furnishings. For those who are not familiar Jens Risom was […]

Sell or consign decorative items

candlesticks antique

Decorative Items Art glass, mantle clocks, sculptures, candelabras, mirrors, urns, art, books, music boxes, vases. Many people will remember grandma’s antique clock that sat on her mantle above the fireplace in the living room. It was never moved over all the years. It may have even been gilded with gold.  She may have had a […]

Cocktail rings wanted for upcoming auction


It’s Cocktail Hour In terms of gift giving, when the velvet ring box won’t shut tight, I know I’m gonna love what is inside.  When it comes to jewels, bigger is better, hence the ‘cocktail ring’. A cocktail ring is a ring that is larger than usual, meant to attract attention, and typically made of […]