Buying Guide to Cartier Watches

Buying Guide to Cartier Watches

NEWS Buying Guide to Cartier Watches Gunnar Nylund Jean François Millet Andrew Wyeth Seaman Schepps George William Sotter Roberto Coin Jewels Sam Francis Babe Ruth Collectibles Clash De Cartier Chagall Marcel Duchamp Collectibles SHARE Cartier, the renowned French luxury brand, has long been synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled style. The Cartier watch collection is […]

Clash De Cartier


NEWS Clash De Cartier Chagall Marcel Duchamp Antique Maps and Globes Military Watches George Nakashima  Art by Aleksandr Kryushyn Ludwig Moser Art Glass Historical Art Blue Beetle Comics Militaria Lalique Collectibles Fine Jewelry SHARE Clash De Cartier is the latest collection from luxury jewelry brand Cartier. Launched in April 2019, the collection boasts a bold […]

Yellow Diamonds

yellow diamonds

NEWS Video Game Collectibles Barbie Collectibles Yellow Diamonds The Royal Family Collectibles Cecil Touchon Eero Saarinen Collecting Art Glass Mid Century Modern What type of items sell well on consignment? Auctions trend up in 2021 The Real Estate Market Post pandemic. Rustic items and antiques in interior design Fine Jewelry SHARE Yellow diamonds are a […]

Are luxury brands going green?


Are designers going green? It sure seems so. Share on facebook Share on twitter Some of the biggest luxury brands in the world seem to be “going green”. Whether it’s luxury watch brands, designers of fashion, artists, appliance manufactures, or the auto industry, we are seeing more and more green literally.  For example, some of […]

Fine Jewelry and Gemstones


Fine jewelry resale Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Tips for selling or buying fine jewelry.  Fine jewelry used to be a sign of royalty once reserved for kings and queens, and/or presented as gifts. Later fine jewels and gemstones were used to denote stature, upper-class status, and elegance, and today, fine […]



The Wristwatch Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Functionality, image,  investment, or all three? When you think of a watch, you typically think of the function it serves you each day.  It tells you if you are running late for work or picking up the kids, or if you are going to […]

What is the preferred way to sell fine jewelry?

Cartier ring

What’s the best method of selling fine jewelry? Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin You know you don’t want to try and resell fine jewelry on your own. This is not safe.  But what are the options? The decision to sell fine jewelry can be a difficult one and the decision how […]

Cartier Love bracelet old vs new

screw system

Cartier Love Bracelet (the old screw system vs the new screw system) Learn the difference between the old and new screw systems for the Cartier “Love” bracelet. Before 2011 The Cartier Love collection is one of the most desired collections since it’s inception in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo. The simple design with exposed screw motif […]



Alexandrite “Emerald by day, ruby by night” A high quality Alexandrite is one of the most expensive and rare stones in the world. There are also a lot of synthetic Alexandrites in the market.  One day I was at my jewelers getting a ring sized and the woman in front of me was extremely chatty […]

How the Cartier Panthers came to be.

Cartier bracelet

The Cartier Panthers How the famous panther came to be. You don’t  have to be an animal lover, or a lover of felines to adore the Cartier panthers whether it is a watch, pendant, ring, bracelet,  brooch, cufflinks, handbag, wallet or even a scarf. It was when Jeanne Toussaint first laid eyes on a live […]