Home improvements for people with disabilities

As a person living with a disability, creating a safe space at home can mean a lot of extra work and money. The task of outfitting a home for a disability can seem daunting and even impossible for many. Yet, the need for a home that is functional and enjoyable is essential for a higher quality of life.

Even small changes in the home of a disabled or aging person can make a big difference for living well in everyday life. Consider the difference that wider doorways can make for someone in a wheelchair or how much lever door handles can help someone with arthritis.

Home modifications for people with physical disabilities
A person with physical disabilities could have many different needs for their home depending on the type of disability they are living with. Common physical disabilities can include:

-Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
-Cerebral Palsy
-Acquired Brain Injury
-Spinal Cord Injury
Some common home modifications might be helpful for a person with disabilities. These modifications may vary in cost depending on your home and the cost of installation.  Learn more here