Loet Vanderveen


We have Loet Vanerveen collectors ready to buy.

You don’t have to be an animal lover to appreciate the sculptures of Loet Vanerveen but its hard to find an animal lover, or collector of art who wouldn’t want to have a Loet Vanderveen piece.

We consider ourselves lucky to be able to offer a bronze sculpture by Loet Vanderveen at our New England estate sales. If a client is a collector of fine art, we are not surprised that a Loet Vanderveen piece is represented in the collection.  Pieces by Loet Vanderveen are common in high value homes as well as in museums worldwide.

Political figures, professional athletes, movie stars, wildlife organizations, titans of industry, and even heads of state, all appreciate the work and workmanship of the Dutch artist boy who loved animals and grew up to be one of the most famous sculptors of our time.

Loets love for animals started when he was a boy. He would visit his local zoo almost everyday he loved the animals so much. Eventually the zookeepers allowed Loet to help care for the animals. 

In 1940 however the germans bombed Rotterdam and the government ordered that all the animals in the zoo be shot fearing they would get loose and endanger the city. When Loet heard what was happening he ran to the zoo and was horrified what had happened.  Luckily some of the animals had escaped but Loets life would never be the same.  

As an adult Loet began doing sketches for designers. He turned down a job offer from Christian Dior, which he said was one of the biggest mistakes he had ever made. He later moved to New York and ultimately California where he settled in Big Sur. It was here where his career in bronze sculptures began.

If you own a LOET  VANDERVEEN piece, or collection, we have buyers that would love the opportunity to buy.  

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