Bergere chairs and Louis chairs have become a staple in interior design the last several years and estate sales are the best place to find them.  We’ve seen antique Louis chairs sell for $2000.00 and more at auction while at the same time we see them at estate sales for $50.00 so the choice is yours. A $50.00 investment in a chair, some paint and fabric is the smartest choice unless of course your the Queen of England. Pretty sure her’s are the real deal and not from CraigsList. lol   

These before and after photos are from an employee at New England Estate Sales and Auctions so we aren’t just blowin’ smoke.  She painted the chair herself and had it upholstered, and now it sits in a modern home along the coast.  Just fyi, she doesn’t let anyone sit in it, but it certain could be a functional piece if so desired.



antique chair after
antique chair before